Jaret & Kristi are truly partners in life and business. They began their lives together in a small Bay Area town in 1990. Today they've raised four amazing kids, built a unique forward-thinking real estate company - fixed, flipped, and invested in millions of dollars in property all while living a life by strategy. Now as they enter the NextPhase of their lives as real estate experts they are giving back to the career that has given them so much, by sharing everything they've learned through immense success and many failures to agents seeking to grow personally and professionally.

"I learned more from Jaret & Kristi in my first year with them, then I did the prior 7 in real estate. Most importantly my income doubled in the first year under their guidance."

Jim S

"I've been a real estate broker for more than 40 years and have worked with 1000's of agents. I have not experienced such expertise and professionalism in a long long time."

Shirley P.